Tungsten Jiggy Head

Tied by Gerry Fabiano, inspired by Steve Farrar.  Fresh on the fly tying scene, the tungsten jiggy head features a mallible bead head for unique sinking/jigging action.



  • Hook: Mustad long shank #34011
  • Bucktail, lavendar/purple and white
  • Flash: Crystal Flash
  • Grey flat waxed nylon
  • Quick Stick Foil Sheet
  • Tungsten powder
  • Prism stick-on eyes
  • 5 minute epoxy
  • Sally Hansen clear coat



1. Place the hook in the vise and wrap thread near the eye of the hook 10-12 times to create a thread base. Add a dab of crazy glue to hold base thread in place.



2. Place a small bunch of white bucktail on the top of the hook and wrap to secure.



3. Place 6-8 strans of flash on top of the bucktail. After placing the flash on the hook wrap with 2-3 strands of thread to place. Splay the flash with thumb, working back and fourth to prevent flash from bunching up.


4. Place a small bunch of purple (or desired color) bucktail on top of the flash (underside of the hook) and wrap to secure. Be sure the bucktail lays directly on top of the flash & white bucktail.


5. Whip finish.



6. Mix the epoxy resin, hardener and tungsten powder. Add tungsten to desired weight of jiggy head.



7. Coat the threads with the epoxy/tungston mix.


8. Place the fly on a dry wheel for even epoxy curing. When the epoxy firms up, use wet fingers to form into the shape of a lima bean.


9. Cut the Quick Stick Foil sheet into 1″ x 1.5″ shape.



10. Tack the non-bright side of the foil onto the epoxy cone.



11. Be sure the bucktail sits straight on the bottom side of the hook. The shaft should be exposed.


12. Position the stick on eyes in the desired location on the cone.



13. Coat the tungsten bead with the epoxy, then with the Sally Hansen as the final protective clear coat.