About Us

In the late fall of 1994 Robby Barradale was seeking a fly fishing club to participate in. He checked out the Atlantic Saltwater Flyrodders in Seaside Heights and another group that was forming in the Union/Milburn area, both a 40-50 mile drive from his home waters, Sandy Hook. Realizing that there were already a number of people flinging flies locally he began to think that maybe there would be enough interest to initiate a club based out of the Highlands, (or perhaps Robby was simply too lazy to drive too far?)

He rented a table at the Asbury Fishing Club Flea Market early in 1995 for the single purpose of soliciting members. The first few meetings that spring were not well attended, sometimes Robby sat alone. Then fly aficionados started showing up and the club quickly grew.

Now we have a fantastic group of people who share information and techniques, enjoy the camaraderie of club organized fishing excursions, as well as supporting the community by running charter trips for family members who lost love ones on 9/11 and Kids Kamp, a fly fishing experience for local Boy Scout chapters. 

This in essence, is what the club is all about: introducing fly fishing to people, especially youngsters, and educating them by sharing our combined knowledge of casting, fly tying and finding fish to catch, and having fun doing it!