The Buzchovie

Tied by Brad Buzzi during the August activity night.  This is a great anchovie pattern.



  • Hook: Gamakatsu 2 #SC15
  • Prism Eye 2 or 3
  • Angle Hair Pearl Blue or similar
  • White Craft Fur
  • Gold Craft Fur (use two contrasting colors)
  • Buzfly Thin Body material (clear acrylic double sided tape)
  • Buzfly Transfer Foil
  • Fine Mone Thread
  • 30 minute epoxy



1. Place hook in vise, create a thread base by wrapping 10-12 wraps of thread around the hook. The wraps should leave the bobbin 1/4 the distance of the hook, from the eye.



2. Place a bunch of white craft fur facing forward. Tie off.



3. Take 12-15 strands of flash, fold in half and tie onto the top of the white craft fur.



4. Place a small bunch of gold craft fur facing forward and on top of the flash. Wrap to secure.


5. Fold the gold craft fur rearward and tie off.



6. Cut the Buzfly body material into a 1 inch by 1.5 inch segment.



7. Peel off the inside backing of the tape and place around the craft fur and press the body material onto the body of the fly.


8. Trim the Buzfly material to the contour of the fly body.



9. Place the fly back in the vice and remove the outside backing material.


10. Place eye on the forward fly body.


11. Cut two small strips of silver transfer material and place on lateral sides of the fly body.


12. Squeeze the transfer foil around the entire fly body. Pull all of the transfer foil off of the body of the fly.