Spicy Crease Fly

Tied by Leo Alessi, inspired by Chaz Alessi.  With the attractive reflective finish and cupped face, this fly makes a commotion which triggers gamefish to strike.



  • Hook: Mustad long shank #34011
  • Bucktail, chareuse/yellow and white
  • Flash: Mylar Flash
  • Thread: Thick white nylon & thin nylon to whip finish
  • Body: White Foam with foil
  • Prism stick-on eyes
  • 5 minute epoxy



1. Place hook in vise and wrap thick thread starting near the eye of the hook all the way back to the bend in the hook to create a generous thread base.


2. Place a small bunch of white bucktail near the tail hook and wrap securely with the thin nylon thread to form the belly of the fly.


3. Place a small bunch of yellow bucktail on top of the white bucktail and wrap with the thin nylon thread.


3. Place 3-4 strans of flash on both lateral sides of the bucktail. After placing the flash on the, wrap with 2-3 strands of thread to secure.


4. Saturate the hook shaft with Zap-A-Gap (or crazy glue). Next, fold the cut foam around the shaft of the hook. Spray immediately with Pacer Kicker (for plastics) to bind immediately. If you do not have Pacer hold the foam in place on the hook shaft until the Zap-A-Gap cures.


5. Color the foam body with permanent marker, using a desired color. Color the mouth with a red permanent marker.


6. Position the stick on eyes in the desired location on the crease body.


7. Cover the entire body with a thin layer of epoxy, filling in bottom of crease with all excess epoxy.


8. Cover the entire body with ultrafine glitter and allow to dry.