Spey Hackle Dart

Tied by Walt Huresky.  Here is a very simple fly that is a good choice for blues, bass or weakfish.



  • Hook: Mustad 1/0 #34011
  • Olive green spey hackle
  • White bucktail
  • Peacock herle
  • Uni-thread red 8/0
  • 30 minute epoxy



1. Place hook in vise, create a thread base by wrapping 10-12 wraps of thread around the hook. The wraps should leave the bobbin 1/4 the distance of the hook, from the eye.



2. Place one spey hackle feather on the hook and wrap to secure.



3. Place a small bunch of white bucktail hair forward of the hackle and wrap to secure.



4. Place a small bunch of peacock herle forward of the buck tail and wrap to secure.


5. Mix 30 minute epoxy resin and hardener together and coat the exposed threads near the eye of the hook.