Spearing Fly

Tied by Steve Farrar during the February activity night.  This is a great small baitfish pattern.



  • Hook: Mustad #2 Signature Tarpon #C68S SS
  • Sili Skin (1.5″ x 3/8″)
  • Sili Skin (mother of pearl color)
  • Craft Fur Plus (white)
  • Polar Ice
  • Craft Fur Plus (tan)
  • Ultra Fine Mono
  • 30 minute epoxy



1. Place hook in vise, wrap the small piece of Sili Skin around the shaft of the hook to build up the body of the fly.


2. Place a small bunch of Craft Fur Plus (white) on top of the Sili Skin and wrap to secure.


3. Place a small bunch of Polar Ice (flash) in front of the Craft Fur Plus and wrap to secure.


4. Place a small bunch of Craft Fur Plus (tan) in front of the Polar Ice and wrap to secure.


5. Notch a “V” cut in the Sili Skin and paste to the belly of the fly, the silver strip should be applied front to back. Trim the excess Sili Skin to the contour of the belly.


6. Place eyes on the Sili Skin.


7. Wrap mother of pearl colored Sili Skin on top of the Fur Plus material, applying top to bottom.


8. Trim the Sili Skin to the belly contour of the fly.