Mean Joe Popper

Tied by Walt Huresky.  A small chartreuse popper with an integrated mono leader.



  • Hook: Gamakatsu Live Bait 1/0 #00411
  • Bucktail, chartreuse and white
  • Flash: Silver angle hair
  • Edge Water Stretch comonent #2, chartreuse (popper body)
  • Green waxed mono-chord
  • #60 flouro carbon
  • Crimp sleeve #4
  • Miracle eyes
  • Zap-a-Gap
  • 30 minute epoxy



1. Place hook in vise and wrap thread on hook 10-12 times to create a thread base.


2. Place a small bunch of chartreuse bucktail on the top of the hook and wrap to secure.



3. Place a small bunch of white bucktail on the underside of the hook and wrap to secure.



4. Place 6-8 strans of flash on both sides of the body, wrap to secure.



5. Cut an 8″ length of flouro carbon to create a tough leader.



6. Slide the crimp sleeve over one end of the leader. Run the leader end through the eye of the hook and back through the crimp sleeve. Crimp the sleeve securely with a pair of crimpers.



7. Slide the popper body down the leader, pushing the popper firmly over the crimp. Tie a surgeons loop at the other end of the leader.


8. Add a drop of Zap-a-Gap to the Miracle Eyes and stick the eyes to the popper body.


9. Mix 30 minute epoxy resin and hardener together and coat the exposed threads near the eye of the hook. Add a liberal coat of epoxy to the popper mouth, securing the leader to the popper body.