Large Bunker Fly

Tied by Ken Ekelund.



This fly is very effective in the spring when the bunker arrive in our area, and is a good fly for the rest of the year, too. Ken says it’s one of his “go-to” flies. Fish it with several short strips followed by a longer strip, around the edges of bunker schools, to imitate a wounded and confused baitfish.



  • Hook: Mustad Tarpon 3/0 C68S SS
  • Thread: clear mono
  • White Unique Hair (spine)
  • Slinkyfiber Pink
  • Steve Farrar Flash Blend Olive & White
  • Flashabou Mother of Pearl
  • Softex
  • Prismatic eyes
  • Goop to attach eyes



1. Place hook in vise and wrap thick thread base in the middle of the hook.

2. Place a small bunch of Unique Hair (around 4 inches) on top of the shank, placing a wrap or two under the material lifting the back of the Unique Hair. Trim all hair in front of the thread base, if necessary. The Unique Hair is relatively stiff and creates the spine of the fly.

3. Take a few strands (10 or so) of Mother of Pearl flash, wetting for easy handling, wrap on the front of the thread base so the flash runs along the lateral side of the fly spine (Unique Hair) .

4. Layout the Slinkyfiber and the Olive & White Flash blend on the table for quick access. It is critical steps 6-9 get done while the Softex is wet.

5. Saturate the Unique Hair (fly spine) with Softex.

6. Gather a bunch of White Flash Blend and place under the fly spine (on the bottom of the hook), placing the white blend 2/3 behind the thread base and 1/3 in front of the thread base. Stroke with your fingers so it merges a bit with the spine.

7. While the Softex is still wet, add a small bunch of the pink Slinkyfiber on top of the fly spine. Clip off excess. Stroke with your fingers so it merges a bit with the spine.

8.Add the Olive Flash Blend so that 1/2 the material lays in front of the thread base and 1/2 lays behind the thread base. Stroke with your fingers so it merges a bit with the spine.

9. Comb Softex on top of the rearward portion of the Olive and White Flash Blend.

10. Fold the Olive Flash Blend material to the back of the fly and tie off, and repeat with the white flash blend.Generously coat the wraps with Softex, combing rearward.

11. Wrap off the material just behind the hook eye and whip finish.

12. Place the fly vertically in the vice, trimming the fly rear to front to give baitfish shape.

13. Add Goop and adhere the Prismatic Eyes.

14. Cover the wraps with head cement or epoxy.