Kenny Abrames Flatwing

Tied by Anthony Trivelli.  With a sparse amount of bucktail, saddle hackles, and Flashabou, flatwings create the illusion of bulk by matching the length and silhouette of bait.



  • Hook: Eagle Claw #254
  • Bucktail, white, pail yellow, olive/dark magenta/light lavendar blend
  • Yellow, pink, bronze/olive hackle
  • Flash: Green, Perl Mylar Flash & Crystal Flash
  • Perl Boady Braid
  • Thread: pale green 3/0
  • Peacock herle
  • Prism stick-on eyes
  • Nail polish (sealer)



1. Place hook in vise and wrap thread near the bend of the hook, 10-12 times to create a thread base.


2. Place a small bunch of white bucktail near the bend of the hook and wrap with thread to secure.


3. Place/wrap a white hackle flat, dull side up on top of the white bucktail.


4. Place/wrap 2 strans of perl mylar flash on top of the white hackle.


5. Place/wrap a yellow hackle flat, dull side down on top of the perl mylar.


6. Place/wrap 3-4 strands of crystal flash on top of the yellow hackle.


7. Place/wrap an olive hackle flat, dull side down on top of the crystal flash.


8. Wrap off one end of the body braid just in front of hackle layer.


9. Wrap the body braid forward around the hook shaft leaving a little space before the eye of the hook and wrap to secure.


10. Place/wrap the white bucktail on the bottom side of the hook shaft to form the throat.


11. Place/wrap the pale yellow bucktail on top of the hook shaft.


12. Blend the olive/dark magenta/light lavendar bucktail for the cheeks. Place/wrap a small bunch of the bucktail blend on each lateral side of the fly.


13. Place/wrap the peacock herle on top of the fly.


14. Whip finish, seal with common nail polish and your done.