Tied by Matt Riesz during the August activity night.  This is another classic pattern.



  • Hook size: 1/0 or 2/0
  • Barbell Eye (sized to fly)
  • HT Braid Pearl for body
  • Crystal flash, pearl
  • Olive Bucktail
  • white Bucktail
  • white saddle hackle
  • Clear Mone Thread
  • Head cement



1. Place hook in vise, create a thread base by wrapping 10-12 wraps of thread around the hook. The wraps should leave the bobbin 1/4 the distance of the hook, from the eye.


2. Place the barbell eye rear of the hook eye and wrap securely with the “figure 8” pattern. Make several wraps to place the bobbin near the bend of the hook, building up a thread body.


3. Place two white saddle hackles inward, (on both sides of the fly), near the hook bend and tie off.


4. Tie the pearl braid in front of the saddle hackle and wrap forward to the barbell eyes. Tie off.


5. Place a small bunch of white bucktail in front of the barbell eyes and tie to anchor.


6. Tie down the white bucktail behind the eyes, being careful to lightly wrap thread rearward and more securely wrapping as you progress forward. This will help the bucktail lay down on the fly.


7. Turn the fly over and tie a few strands of crystal flash in front of the fly eyes, on the bottom side of the fly in front of the barbell eyes.


8. Place and tie a small bunch of olive bucktail on the bottom side of the fly, in front of the barbell eyes.


9. Trim up the bucktail and finish off with head cement.