Tied by Capt. Jason Dapra.


  • Gami hook sc-15 1 or 1/0 (any short shank hook)
  • Polar bear hair (the real thing) (substitute calftail, craft fur, etc.)
  • Dark Craft Fur
  • Body Braid or wrapped flash material (pearl)
  • Stick on eyes 1.5
  • EZ Shape Sparkle Body (for the belly sack)
  • Epoxy (5 or 30 minute)
  • Fine Mono Thread



Introduction: The key to the effectiveness of this fly is creating the exagerated belly shape on the fly. The albies seem to prefer shape.

1. Place hook in vise, tie a thread base with the fine mono thread.

2. The fly begins with the Polar bear hair making up the fly body. Be sure to thin the gaurd hair (insulation) out of the hair. Tie the hair twice the length of the hook shank.

3. Tie the Body braid on at the rear and wrap it forward, wrap the end to secure and trim off the tag of the Body Braid.

4. For the overwing (on top of the polar bear hair) tie on the darker, contrasting Craft Fur. Again, thin out the material. Begin wrapping the Craft Fur just behind the hook of the eye and wrap rearward, then forward again until secure. Not overly tight though. Tie of the mono, whip finish, etc.


Applying the Belly Sack

5. Turn the fly upside down in the vice. Build the body sack by squeezing the E-Z Shape Sparkle Body applying an even coat initially, then build the belly up with additional Sparkle Body, forming a belly shape.

6. Let the Sparkle Body dry for 20 minutes or so, until relatively hard. Once the Sparkle Body begins to firm you can use wet fingers to create the final body shape.

7. Place on Stick On eyes (1.5) to both sides of the fly.

8. Apply 30 Minute epoxy around the body of the fly and put in a drying wheel for even epoxy curing.